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Our signature piece, this tunic is timeless in style and defined by a beautiful neckline. It has a deceptively simple and flattering cut that allows you to feel magnificent no matter the day and the fit is spacious and allows layering without sacrificing elegance. Made from sumptuous merino in the colour of your choice, the idea here is that you wear it your way - you are the most special feature of this clothing.

Our current fabric is ZQ Merino and may be sourced from New Zealand or Australian sheep.

What every single item that we sell offers you

Effortless grace

High-quality garments designed to be flattering and functional without sacrificing elegance. Cut for real women, and easy to layer and accessorise.

Wear it your way

Your colour, your size. Made to order and ready for you to add sizzle.

Refined comfort

Non-irritating, lightweight, breathable. It's like wearing your pyjamas to the office, or on the plane, or out for dinner - but looking fine.

Easy care

For prolonged life of your clothes, cold wash and dry flat. For convenience, do as we do and throw them in the wash.

Protected by a flock of sheep

Super-fine merino is a natural breathable fibre that keeps you warm when cold and cool when warm. Absorbs water and is odour-resistant to keep you looking and smelling fine.

Do no harm

We care about how clothing is made. Our environmental policy is not only sustainable but regenerative. Local fabric, locally designed and locally made in New Zealand.

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