How ElementAll works

ElementAll is a capsule clothing wardrobe made up of a small number of versatile pieces. Currently there are just two pieces – the signature tunic and a long cardigan. Later this year we are introducing a long sleeve top with a lovely scooped neckline with other essential elements of a wardrobe following.

Our clothing is made to order

You choose the colour and size, 3-4 weeks later you’ll receive your garment in the mail. Our clothes are made in Wellington (New Zealand) by three women, each working from their own home which means that things take a little longer. Making the clothes to order and selling direct, rather than through retailers, means we can keep the price down.

We offer a wide range of colours 

We offer all the premium merino fabrics which the Fabric Store has in stock. To keep prices down we only carry a very small inventory of fabric, so as their stock changes the colours we offer will also change. The shopping cart we use restricts the number of colour options we can show on the product pages, so there is only a selection of swatches available for the tunic and cardigan. However both garments are available in any of the colours we offer so if you see a colour you like on the cardigan page and you’d like your tunic in that colour, send us a note along with your order.