Pockets, prices and a little bit of praise.

Posted on July 30 2018

Hello there! It's been a while since I posted here. Last year I was preoccupied with studying herbal medicine and for the past 11 months, ElementAll HQ has been a construction site. First up, we built a cottage for my parents-in-law then a complete re-build of our house, suffice to say it's been all go. 

But over the last couple of months my focus has returned to ElementAll and attending to some nuts and bolts. I've been working with a pattern maker to add pockets to the cardigan (cleanly tucked into the side seam), grading patterns to include a size 6 for both the cardigan and the tunic and having a sizing chart produced to make it easier for people to order online. 

Shortly, I'll be making changes to the website to include a long sleeved top, update colours (in the meantime you can find the complete set of colours available here) and put up the sizing chart. I'll also be making some necessary changes to the prices - the beautiful premium merino I use has increased by six dollars a metre and while I'm reluctant to increase the prices of our garments, I do need to cover costs. However for the next couple of weeks, the prices will remain the same - so now's your chance to get in and order a piece or two before they cost a little bit more.

Finally, a piece of feedback received very recently from a happy customer - The Rubbish Whisperer from Christchurch no less! -  made me so delighted I'm compelled to share it. Particularly as it's from someone who has founded a business with a truly admirable cause at it's core - trying to reduce single use plastic in our lives.

This, from Helen:

"I love the tunic so much. Last week I went to Rarotonga and wore it from Christchurch with layers underneath and then wore it all week in Rarotonga. I wore it back on the plane and then the next day I wore it for a TV interview.  It's so amazing to have one dress to wear for plane, beach, dinner and interviews! I just hung it up between wearings and didn't need to wash it."


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